Monday, August 27, 2012

Lake and Forest

My time in Sweden was, as always, special and connected with Nature. A few days in Småland mean family, nice food, forest, walks, bike rides... 

Last week Jakob and I were there and we took the boat and fished some crawfish, not so many, but enough to make a nice dinner. And we was lucky enough to find some wild mushrooms also. I really love them and specially, I love to gather them. In Sweden and Spain there are specific words for difference types of mushrooms. The kantarell is the most treasured for the swedes.

The swedes during August eat crawfish and it is very traditional do a special party for the occasion, KräftskivorWell...we didn't do the party but we did eat them. We had crawfish and wild mushrooms and Jakob made an interpretation of Mar y Montaña, a catalan dish which combines food from mountains and sea, as chicken with crayfish or lobster or rice with meat and sea food. 

Lake and Forest in a pasta dish. It was absolutely delicious.

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