Friday, December 14, 2012

Birthday cake

    Yesterday was Jakob birthday. I made a cake for my darling. Same recipe than this but I added some raw chocolate and I did some icing.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Comfort stew

    It's cold and dark. December is a beautiful month but I had forgotten how it feels having only a few  hours of light and last Sunday I needed some comfort in my food.

Now, in the vegetable box I always have loads of roots. I love them and by the way, I have learnt new English words for roots that I'm not sure knew in Spanish...

Last Sunday I cooked some simple. Something that it's no complicated but takes time, a stew. I used very local lamb meat, from a friend of us who has own sheep, and, roots, parsnip, carrot, beet and turnip. Roots, herbs, red wine and lamb. These flavors means december to me now.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Borough Market

  After a few busy weeks, my reward came. Some days to rest and to relax. I have spent a couple days in London: a lot of walking, a glorious concert, a nice dinner and cocktails and a visit to the Borough Market on last Saturday.

It started with a breakfast at Tapas Brandisa, where Jakob and I were able to eat some very good tortilla de patatas and huevos estrellados. Better than expected. Then, we started to walk around the market.

An incredible variety of very nice products. A heaven where trying not to buy anything was a difficult task (we were spending the day in London and it would have been difficult to carry groceries all day long). However, I enjoyed the experience very much and I'm looking forward to go there another day only to go crazy buying.