Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Swedish Sunday Lunch

It's been snowing and everything becomes so quiet. Jakob and I had thought to prepare some real swedish food for friends and we did it. It felt so right in this kind of weather. Jakob made toast skogen and moose accompanied with apples, carrot, lingonberry and jerusalem artichoke puree. 

It was delicious and it's also fair to say that the moose meat was from the Småland forest, where my father in law lives. For dessert, I prepared warm apple pie pots, from this great recipe.

This year has begun with new challenges (one of them is that we have to leave the house where we've been living since we came here for a year ago...) and it was comforting to have some spare time eating with friends and walking on the snow afterwards. 


  1. Så gott det ser ut! Och så exotiskt för era engelska vänner!

  2. Your meal sounds wonderful! I've never eaten moose, and you've piqued my curiosity. I'll have to check out the apple pie pots as well.

  3. que buena pinta tiene la carne asada! Que nivel!