Thursday, February 7, 2013


Semlor or Fastlagsbulle, this last word is more appropriate for the South of Sweden. I will adopt the last one as you may know, I have Malmö i mitt hjärta and it was Jakob who made them.

Fastlagsbulle is a bun flavoured with cardamon and filled with almond paste and whipped cream. Does it sound good for you? I can assure you that it tastes better. Fastlagsbullar are originally eaten on Shrove Tuesday but nowadays you can find and eat them the whole February. I have heard that king Adolf Frederick Of Sweden died after having eaten many, many, many fastlagsbullar.

I suggest you have a look in this great blog, where you can find a brilliant video recipe.

One last thing. I have not be able to control myself and I have found an old picture...Malmö and I


  1. Idag är det "fettisdagen", sista dagen innan påskfastan enligt den kyrkliga traditionen. Och idag har vi ätit fastlagsbullar till eftermiddagsfikat. Hembakade. Gott, gott!

  2. Vad bra! Vi sparade inte en fastlagsbulle till idag...

  3. Que cara de felicidad! guapa!