Sunday, March 30, 2014

Matbaren at Grand Hotel

Matbaren is a superb bistro in Stockholm by Mathias Dahlgren. It is located at the classic Grand Hotel in this beautiful city and here you can have a glimpse of the concept.

The bistro is not too big and it really feels relaxed. A true bistro with a nordic twist. I was there last Friday for lunch and the food was just great. It was very well prepared and the combination of flavours and textures was impressive.  The best of Sweden in your plate. Our choices were:

Peas cream with truffle. Sourdough bread, butter and black pepper.
Panfried white asparagus and morels. nettles, egg at 63 degrees and chives.

Chicken and veal liver pate. Mushrooms, rye bread and watercress.
Deer tartar and salted whitefish roe. Paltbread, raw onions and smoked butter.

Almond cake with brown cheese. Blueberries, maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream.
Yuzu sabayonne  with crisp sesame. Green apple, lime and goat yogurt

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  1. Vilken vacker mat! En fröjd för ögat och jag hoppas också för gommen!