Monday, June 25, 2012

Coca amb tonyina in a Spanish Midsummer

I really like Midsummer. I had the opportunity to enjoy a few Midsommar in Sweden and I have always tried to celebrate this day in a way or another since then. This year has been a bit difficult to find the Swedish food so I went for the Spanish food instead. In Alicante, during San Juan, it is celebrated Las Hogueras, its city festival, and there is a traditional dish which I love but I hadn't eaten it for ages.

I wanted to try. It is called Coca amb tonyina ("cake" with tuna) and it has to be eaten during this period of the year and is usually accompanied by fresh figs. Well...I did my research and finally I gave it a try. I had to change some of the ingredients but the result was pretty much the same I remembered.

Aditionally, we could taste some of the best food from Spain as a really good queso manchego brought from Spain as a present from my parents, a delicious jamón de bellota and some sobrasada de Mallorca brought home by Jakob when he was in Barceloa last week. Thank you! Sometimes it's unavoidable to feel the nostalgia...


500 gr flavor
250 gr of tuna with olive oil (the original is made with unsalted tuna. Dificult to find it in Cambridge but I was happy I was able to find Ortiz!)
1 glass of olive oil
1 glass of water flavors with lemon zest
1 egg
4 large onions
A bunch of pine nuts
1 spoon of red pepper

Fry the chopped onion until it becomes transparent. Add some salt. Then add the tuna without the oil and the pine nuts.

To made the pastry you will need to warm up the oil, add the red pepper and the flavor and some salt ( you can use some oil which has been left over from the onion, it will give it flavor). Then, remove from the heat and stir until it is very well mixed. Now, add the water. If you need some more water, add it until the pastry will become flexible.

Pre-heat the oven. Now you will form the cake! Divide the pastry in two. You will need two pieces of baking paper. Roll the pastry with the help of your hands and a roller. You want 2 quadrate of very thin pastry of the same size. If one of the pieces is larger you can always cut it.

Put the filling on one of them and then cover it with the other. Put them together with the help of your hands.

Almost done... paint it with some egg to give it colour. To the oven at 180 º during 40 minutes or until is golden.



  1. Madre mía que redacción en Inglés, felicidades!
    Todo lo que sean empanadas y cocas me vuelven loca! Esta tiene una pinta mas que estupenda.
    Una pena no ver a Jakob, snif!

    1. Thanks...prueba a hacerla! ya...estuvo sólo un día menos tuvo tiempo para ir a comprar algunos víveres...

  2. Ole, ole y ole, por tu English y esa coca!!

  3. Un abrazo desde Barcelona. Hoy cenamos cangrejos de río y nos hemos acordado de vosotros rememorando nuestro inolvidable viaje por Escandinavia.
    Un abrazo desde BCN y feliz entrada de verano.

  4. I am totally going to try this! It looks really delicious. Did the tuna come from the Cambridge Cheese Company?

  5. Thanks! Yes, it did. The tuna comes from the Cambridge Cheese Company. Let me know if you have some questions!